Professional Development


Training on adopting and implementing a system including establishing belief, adopt/applying the system and finally sustaining and evolving it.


Training that explores the overall program purpose, accountability, communication and togetherness.


Social emotional learning training that focuses on exploring diversity including what's at the surface, the foundation and the core of a person.

P.L.A.Y.S. vs. D.R.I.L.L.S.

Training focused on implementing preventative and restorative practices in the classroom to yield student success.

Community through Culture and Collaboration

Training focused on building community in program by embracing diversity and collaborating with community partners.


Training that explores the meaning and importance of social emotional learning including learning about the self to achieve and accomplish personal success.

The 3 E's of Education

Training that supports educating students through engagement and excitement.


Training that focuses on empowering students and highlighting personal strengths through names.

The 3 F's of Friendship

Training that establish boundaries with students through fairness, firmness and fun.

The 3 R's of Relationships

Training to support establishing long lasting, supportive and trusting relationships with students and families.

Plant the Seed and Let Them Lead

Training that encourages students to take initiative, share perspectives and provide leadership opportunities

Connect, Engage and Support

Training that highlights the 3 steps to overall staff, student and family support in program.

The Power of Analogies

Training that highlights the power of using analogies as a teaching tool.

The ATM in Us

Training that encourages staff to deposit more than they withdraw in the workplace.

What's Your Why?

Training that focuses on reflecting on purpose and how that contributes to performance in the workplace.


Training that highlights teaching skills through attempts to build confidence.

The 3 H's

Training that encourages continuous self-improvement and reflection to provide the best service and experience in program.

It Starts from Within

Training that highlights the importance of what comes from within you.

Working For vs. Working Towards

Training that explores the differences between a growth and fixed mindset in the workplace.


Programmatic Support Sessions

Classroom Management/Engagement Support Sessions

Personal/Staff Development Support