We provide the tools you need to start teaching:


Fun, engaging and ready to go curriculum is developed and provided by our team of experts!


We provide you with easy to use marketing materials in downloadable PDF's.


Join a community of wonderful coaches and attend an annual retreat. (And we pay for it!)


Have questions? We are only an email or phone call away!


How Does it Work? It’s an easy 5 step process!

Step 1

Schedule a telephone call with one of our team members to begin the process.

Step 2

Share the program details with your school administrators and determine the day, time, location and student registration fee that would fit your community.

Step 3

Pick a day and time when you will be teaching!

Step 4

Add your class to our online registration software and begin sending invites to all the families!

Step 5

Fill up your class and begin teaching.

Success Stories

I became an instructor to inspire kids and offer them an opportunity to explore different talents. Currently I am teaching 1 day per week and earning an additional $800 per month.

Rob F. California

As an Explorers instructor working part time after school, I am earning an additional $1000 per month doing WHAT I LOVE!

Karen P. New York

I have been a teacher for 15 years and being able to offer Explorers to our students is awesome! I also love the additional income that I am able to generate.

Elizabeth B Illinois

Have questions? We are happy to help!

  • Email: explorers@stormprogram.com
  • call: (916) 594-7737

Questions? We got answers!

How much does it cost to join the Explorer network of instructors?

Registration is $200 and lasts a LIFETIME! (FREE if you have been a school teacher for more than 3 years!)

What are the hours?

You set your own schedule, but most instructors teach right before or after school since its convenient for everyone.

Where do I teach?

Instructors usually either teach in their classroom, MP room, our even outside when the weather is nice.

How do I ask the school and admin permission to offer the program?

We provide you with an easy to follow presentation, all you need to do is offer it!

How do kids sign up?

Once your class is added to the online registration software, we will provide you with a, (link, email templates, and flyers that you will distribute to the parents.)

How much does it cost parents to enroll their kids?

The beauty of this is how affordable it is and usually costs less than child care! At the end of the day, it’s up to you how much you charge! Some instructors charge as low as $75 per month and as high as $125 (Most common is $99 per month, with a 50% discount for siblings)

How much can I earn as an instructor?

Instructors earn 70% of the tuition collected. STORM Explorer keeps 30% to fund continued development, support, software, and lesson plans.