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School EXPLORERS Experience

Where - Explorers is held on school campus.

Program will promote positive behaviors on and off school campus to encourage kids to be model citizen in all they do.

Program coordinators will maintain weekly communication with school faculty through email.

Program increases student interest and engagement in learning.

When - Sessions are held after school. Daily program is 2 hours long.

Cost Only $99 per month per child.

BE AN Explore with s.t.o.r.m.

The Explore powered by S.T.R.O.M., was created from the idea that kids should have the opportunity to explore many different disciplines and areas of learning while they’re young. Additionally, that this exploration should be led by a highly skilled professional who knows how to create an engaging and fun experience for kids. The Explorers Program offers exiting enrichment courses in several different disciplines, including those listed below.




Martial Arts

Graphic Design




Student Experience

All classes will be facilitated by licensed or skilled professionals.

Student rotate though three awesome activities each session.

students develop a wide variety of new skills in:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-Discipline
  • self-confidence

Parent Experience

Program is available on your child’s School campus, so you will not need to shuttle them from place to place.

You will be kept up to date on weekly activities and announcements through ourcommunications app.

The opportunity to expose your child to a variety skill building enrichment activities to feed their curiosity.


This is a one-of-a-kind “on site” after school program that teaches kids key life skills, all in a fun, positive, safe and structured environment. with every lesson, a structured curriculum is prepared to ensure that superior quality instruction is delivered to all students. Students will participate in (TWO) 1 hour rotations of engaging enrichment to enhance the quality of their skill building techniques one day each week.

Enroll to Explore

Please understand that we can only accommodate up to 60 students, so register soon as space is limited. Waitlisted students, will be on a “Next in line” system. this means that if any student defaults on their monthly membership, the student who is next in line will be provided the opportunity to join program.

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